Network Security Services For Home or Office


Whether you need anti-virus protection, backup protection, firewall installation, router control, or an audit of your wireless network components to assure that you are using proper security precautions, ZeroDataStress can serve as your personal consultant.

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Using ZeroDataStress’ Complete Managed IT Infrastructure, we will monitor your computers to make sure that all the updates are installed properly and that your computers are running the most up-to-date security software and virus protection.


  • Update Management—You will never have to worry about maintaining the updates your computer needs. We will monitor all your updates and download and install them as they become available.
  • Antivirus—We will ensure that each of your computers is running the most up-to-date antivirus/antimalware security software.
  • Hardware Tracking and Software Inventory—We will maintain a list of all the computers in your company and what software they are running.
  • Centralized Security Policies—ZERODATASTRESS will work with you to establish pertinent security policies, and then we will enable those parameters on all your computers without disrupting your workflow.
  • Immediate PC Management—The setup will take only a few minutes per computer, so we will be able to immediately start monitoring your computers with little to no downtime.
  • Remote Assistance—If one of your computers is not working properly then we will be available to help you through Remote Assistance.
  • All-in-One Solution—Your computers’ operating systems updates and security software will always be kept up to date and your computers running efficiently and safely without your having to do anything.



Is your network getting in the way of running your business?

Your job is not to run your network or baby sit your servers, your job is to run and build your business.  We strive to take the worry and time consuming maintenance issues away from our clients by providing services such as:


  • Virus Removal
  • PC Workstation Management and Optimization
  • Server Management and Optimization
  • Remote and On Site IT Support
  • Off Site Backup
  • Information Security
  • Secure Network Setup and Maintenance



The Importance of Backing your Data Up

Having your important information backed up off site not only ensures that your information is safe in the event of equipment failure but also that it is safe if something were to happen to the building in which your business resides

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